Adult Indoor Leagues   $540 per team + tax  ($584.28)

  • Levels of competition in our adult leagues are determined by player ability. 

  • Open Divisions                                                                                        5th Div. (novice/recreational) to 1st Div. (highly competitive).

  • Rec. Divisions                                                                                         C Div. (novice/recreational) to A Div. (moderately competitive).

NEW LEAGUE Additions

          Established division play days don't work for you, or you want to play more

          than once a week without having to play at another facility. 


                   Additional league offerings:


                    Men's Over-30 Thursdays

                    Men's Over-40 Tuesdays


                    Women's Over-30 on Tuesdays

                    Women's Over-40 on Tuesday


                    Coed Rec. Over-30 on Saturdays

                    Coed Rec. Over-40 on Saturdays


                    Coed HS on Fridays



                    Men's Leagues

                          Open - Divisions 1 thru  4.  

                                               Divisions  1, 4            Thursdays     6:00 to 11:00pm

                                               Divisions  2, 3             Wednesdays      6:00 to 11:00pm

                               Over 30 Division (must be at least 30 in calendar year)

                                               Thursdays     6:00 to 10:10pm

                               Over 40 Division (must be at least 40 in calendar year)

                                               Tuesdays      6:00 to 10:10pm

              Women's Leagues

                          Open - Divisions 1 thru 4, and Beginners.  

                                               Divisions  1, 2, 3      Tuesdays     6:00 to 10:10pm                                

                                               Division  4M             Mondays      6:00 to 10:10pm

                                               Beginners Div.         Mondays      6:00 to 10:10pm

                          Over 30 Division

                                               Tuesdays      6:00 to 10:10pm

                          Over 40 Division

                                               Tuesdays     6:00 to 10:10pm

             Coed Leagues

                          Open - Divisions 1 thru 5.  

                                              Division  1                      Saturdays    5:10 to 10:00pm

                                              Division  2, 3, 4, 5           Sundays    10:10am to 10:10pm

                                              Recreational Open A,B     Saturdays     2:40 to 10:10pm

                          Over 30 Recreational (must be at least 30 in calendar year)

                                              Divisions  A & B     Saturdays     2:40 to 10:10pm

                          Over 40 Recreational (must be at least 40 in calendar year)

                                              Saturdays     2:40 to 10:10pm


 Youth Indoor Leagues  

              Boys & Girls: U6 - U9   $425 per team + tax  ($458.58)


              The U6 - U9 games are smaller-sided games than the older ages

            and are played on an age-appropriate size field - West Arena (arena 2)

                       Play Days and Number of Players


                                    U6 - U7   Weekends 12:00pm to 6:50pm

                           (primarily Saturdays, with the possibility of some Sunday games)  


                                            4 field players, plus a GK


                                                 U8 - U9   Weekdays 5:10pm to 8:30pm


                                            4 field players, plus a GK

                         CALL FOR YOUR DIVISIONíS PLAY DAY


              Boys & Girls: U10 - U18  $540 per team + tax  ($584.28)




                    Games will be played at the East Arena (Large field)


    Levels of competition in our youth leagues are determined by outdoor league. 


                     Play Days and Number of Players


                                            U10 - U12   Weekends 8:00am to 4:20pm
                                         (primarily Saturdays, with some Sunday games)       


                                           6 field players, plus a GK



                                      U13 - U16, HS   Weekdays 4:20pm to 7:40pm

                         CALL FOR YOUR DIVISIONíS PLAY DAY


                                           5 field players, plus a GK



                          NEW   Coed HS   Thursday 4:20pm to 7:40pm


                                           6 field players, plus a GK

Play days depend on the particular division.  Divisions are generally scheduled on one particular day week in and week out. 

Play days and times listed above for each division are only guidelines and are subject to change.  

To Register a Team
Return the completed Team Registration Form along with your $100.00 deposit as soon as possible. Your team will be registered as of the date we receive your deposit.

Teams currently playing have priority in registering, but must re-register by a specific date (usually one month before next session). We accept new teams on a first-come, first-served basis (based on the date of deposit).

If your team does not get into their requested session, we will refund your deposit, or if you like, we can hold it over until the next session. All money paid is non-refundable if your team is scheduled for league play. The balance of the team registration fee and a team roster is required prior to your first game.

Player Card
Each player must possess a valid CCISC Identification Card to participate in our indoor soccer league. The fee for the card is $15.00,  and must be renewed annually. Age verification may be required.

Waiver of Liability
Fees paid to CCISC do not include insurance for injuries to players, coaches, or managers. All players are required to sign a CCISC

Waiver of Liability Form to participate in our leagues; parent or legal guardian must sign for players under age 18.


Referees Fees
Youth and Adult League Referee fees

              U6 thru U12 $7.00 per game

              U13 thru Adult $9.00 per game

Referee fees are paid by the participating teams directly to the referee prior to the start of each game.










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